Design house: A small, cosy home in New England, designed by Tyler Karu Design

Step inside a bright, compact home with plenty of personality. Tyler Karu Design + Interiors works with both residential and commercial clients to create their ideal living space through renovation, reimagination and innovative design. Her New England home is the perfect example of how to use a small space more efficiently.

‘What drew me to the home initially was the location,’ says Tyler Karu. ‘At the end of the street is a causeway to a small island for pedestrian traffic only. It’s one of the most beautiful, peaceful spots on Maine and to be able to walk there daily was very appealing.’

‘The house itself was very simple architecturally. I opted to work with the simplicity taking the entire exterior black (save for yellow doors and red house numbers) and opening the interior as much as possible,’ explains Tyler. ‘The first floor has an open floor plan that makes the small size feel functional and spacious. We got more square footage out of the second floor by removing the roof and adding a dormer. We ended up with a large master bedroom, a sizeable guest room and home office.

‘I wanted the living room to have a warm, inviting vibe,’ recalls Tyler. ‘Everything in the room is collected and well-thought-out. I did purchase the sofa specifically for the home because the scale had to be perfect. There’s plenty of seating but its not very deep of very high ensuring it doesn’t overwhelm the room.’

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